Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

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Ruti T.


On this  Saturday too the A'anin checkpoint did not open for olives pickers.


7:50 – Tura-Shaked checkpoint  

8 workers come out of the checkpoint reporting no problems. Vehicles with small children and female students cross into the West Bank. Workers return from the West Banks through the checkpoint into the Seam Line zone.


A new Israeli flag is hoisted slightly over eye level at the center of the checkpoint, giving evidence of a strong east wind. Someone says that today "the soldiers are quiet" and "all is ok".


A white van picks up three workers on their way to Um el Rihan.


06:10  5 more workers come out and get into a car which is waiting for them.


08:15– The checkpoint is empty and I leave.


8:20 Barta'a-Rihan checkpoint

The upper car park is almost full of Israeli and Palestinian cars. Many people are waiting for transportation to work. On the other side, at the vehicles' inspection post, two cars are being inspected. A strong east wind hits the sleeveinfo-icon leading to the terminal. Those (many) who come out of the terminal say that there is great crowding inside. Three windows are active this morning (usually there is only one) but this does not help. "What's going on today? An hour, a whole hour," say those who come out. A  well-attired man reads my tag and smiles doubtfully :"No to the checkpoints, Ha?".

An ugly draining channel which has been carved into the concrete last week already accumulates dirt.


Women loaded with goods go through the turnstile into the West Bank.

A smiling young man says that there are a thousand people inside. "There are problems"


At 9:15 I go down to the Palestinian car park to pick up Marie on her way to her weekly physical therapy at the center for child development in Um-el-Fahem. I wouldn't have reported it except for the embarrassing absurd theater at the vehicles' inspection post. The soldiers take the can of olive oil which Marie's father had brought for one of our friends out of the car and inspect it. The child's wheelchair is taken out as well. Her mischievous brother runs willingly to be inspected, and Marie is also being inspected in a most strict manner at a small chamber with no windows. The inspector is pleasant - he sees her every week! The father is rather happy with the inspection saying :"Now they are sure that all is ok with him and there are no doubts about him…."