South Hebron Hills

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Yael Agmon (reporting); Translator: Bracha Ben Avraham

I drove to Kibbutz Harel on Friday to load equipment for the kindergarten that was offered by Ruthi Ristik.

On Sunday we loaded all the equipment into Mohammad's car and drove to the kindergarten in Zif.


06:17 – We left the Shoket junction and drove to the Meitar crossing


There were dozens of cars waiting to collect workers on the Israeli side.  On the Palestinian side four people were detained for attempting to get to the front of the line.  When the line of people had all crossed, they received permits and were allowed to cross.  According to the international observers, more than 5,000 people crossed between 04:00 and 06:46. 


One of the vendors in the stalls explains that despite the fact that the stalls had been moved back from the road, three people had their cars confiscated and were fined NIS 2,000.  He had no document that showed that a fine had been paid or why. 


Next to the settlement of Asael we saw barrels that had been placed there in order to set up additional house trailers.       


We continued on to Zif and people were pleased to receive thousands of Shekels' worth of equipment for the kindergarten.

We will deliver more equipment next week.


We saw the last vehicle leave the parking lot at 08:55 taking workers to work, and there were no more rides after that.