Habla, Huwwara, Jit Junction , Qalqiliya, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Susan A., Fathhiya A. (reporting). Hanna K. translating

13:45 Habla gate – traffic as usual.


14:20 Qalqiliya CP. – a barrier at the entrance to the town, a terrible pressure of more than 70 vehicles from each side.


14:45  Jit junction – a military vehicle near the road, soldiers standing next to it.


15:00  Huwwara – the CP isn't manned, on the way back we entered Burin after we heard from Mounir about an incident where a house was attacked by Settlers. On Tuesday 18.11 at night settlers came down from Har Beraha to Bouring and attacked two house at the entrance to the village from the north. Both house are isolated, one is the house of A'aleb Najar (Abu Juda) of Canadian citizenship. They broke the windows and the windowpanes of the terrace. When we went there we didn't find anybody in the houses, they seemed abandoned, not a living soul around.


15:30 Opposite Beita - on the hill near the water tower there was a military jeep and soldiers near it. On the main road of Huwwara there was a massive traffic of military vehicles.


15:40  Za'tara/Tapuach - is manned from all sides with vehicle checking.


15:50  Qusra – at the entrance to the village there was a jeep and soldiers. It later went up to the settlement of Migdalim. On Wednesday 19.11 Settlers came down to the village and the inhabitants chased them away. On the next day, Thursday, in the morning again Settlers came down and the inhabitants caught two of them until the army arrived and released them. The soldiers immediately put up a barrier and didn't allow the inhabitants to enter or leave the village, and the village was paralyzed. The inhabitants also told us that the army intends destroying five of their wells.