Burin (Yitzhar), Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Karin L. and Shoshi A (photos and report)
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

We went to visit two schools in Hawwara and on the way we stopped at the Tapuah junction.


Picture: How can we erase the smiles on the faces of the bandits whoset fire to the school in Jerusalem? Those who came to banish light and hope?

Huwwara -- not only felafel and kanafeh

Visit in a school for girls -- talk with a number of teachers who speak English.

In the school there are about 500 girls from the seventh grade to the end of secondary school.

One problem that is very worrying: The main road is very busy throughout  the day and the evening. Some of the pupils have to cross that road after their day of studies and it is very dangerous. Colonists intentionally drive fast and carelessly and endanger the lives of the girls. They request that a bridge be built above the road to ensure  safe crossing for the girls.


Visit in a school for boys -- talk with three members of the staff who speak English.

There are about 370 pupils from the villages in the region -- Inbuss, Awarta and Hawwara.

Here, too, the three staff members that we met stress the danger of going out to the road despite the fact that here the road is less busy (the school is closer to Nablus). The colonists make trouble for them all the time, often with the protection of the army. Lately the pupils' rides drop them off at the entrance to the school so that the pupils will not have to get to the main road, where they experience trouble and meet obstacles set by the colonists.


In the school in Burin, the army makes trouble for teachers and pupils several time every week.

In Huwwara a setthit a boy of 14 with his car about two months ago. The boy had a facial injury and had to be hospitalized.

About a month ago another boy was injured by the car of another colonist who claimed that he had to get away quickly because he was driving without a permit.

In June two Palestinians were killed.

The settlers drive wildly on the main road and have arms ready and thus pose a threat to all the people around them.

Yesterday (Wednesday, 17/12/14) an armed group of soldiers entered a private home, frightened the residents, climbed up to the roof of the house and stayed there for about two hours. They did not give any explanation to the frightened people who live there.

Soldiers frequently stop Palestinians and demand that they raise their hands, turn around, and so on. This is harassment to demonstrate their power.. There is no other reason.


A military jeep often parks in the middle of the road and sets up a checkpoint for many hours. Again harassment for its own sake.

In this conversation, too, the topic of a bridge comes up as a necessary measure for the girls. They think that they would need a contribution of about fifty thousand shekels 

We left them our telephone numbers and we asked them to let us know immediately about harassment by soldiers or colonists and, if possible, to take pictures of the event.