Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Stone Throwing, Holding and trading of combat materiel

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)


Translation: Marganit W.


Russian Compound


Justice: Lieut. Col. Hannan Rubinstein

Police Investigator: Sgt. Maj. Afif Mahmoud

Defense: Firas Sabah, Judd Kadmani


There are ten cases in the docket, three suspects are barred from seeing an attorney.


Muhammad Mahmoud Salim Kawad – ID 852450873

Defense: Firas Sabah

There is an agreement about a 4-day remand extension to conclude the investigation and transfer the case to the prosecution.


Rashid Ibrahim Rashid Ali – ID 852455435

Defense: Firas Sabah

The investigator requests an 8-day extension to complete the interrogation. The suspect has been in detention since 6.6.13.

The defense poses no questions, just sums up: He objects to the police’s request: this is the fourth extension. The suspect gave a statement to the police and acknowledges a connection to the charges: throwing rocks and trading in combat materiel.

The attorney has learned from his client that since the last remand extension the latter has not been interrogated. The defense fears his client might be held under harsh conditions until his accomplices are captured. The defense stresses that the detainee suffers from physical and mental complaints. Harsh detention conditions – he is kept in solitary confinement – are detrimental to his health. Thus, the defense requests mitigating his detention conditions and taking him out of solitary confinement as soon as possible.

The suspect interrupts several times, speaking in choked voice.

Justice Rubinstein asks if he has something to adduce, and Rashid says, “I am sick, I have serious medical problems and my feet hurt. I see the doctor every day and I don’t eat anything. I am mentally exhausted; I have mental problems. I suffer from claustrophobia.”

Judge’s decision: There has been considerable progress in the investigation (points to the confidential file). He is aware of the fact that not everything the investigators wish to do can be accomplished in a few days, thus he extends the remand by only 4 days. [In my opinion the judge – like us – was convinced by the suspect’s plea, by his agitation, distress and being on the verge of tears].


Ali Ahmad Ali Salah – ID 911587681

Defense: Judd Kadmani

[See earlier reports on this case]

The investigator requests an 11-day remand extension. The suspect has been in detention since 12.5.13.

He is suspected of activity against security in the region, military activity and planting explosives.

Atty. Kadmani is trying to establish how many times the suspect has been interrogated since the last remand extension, and how long those sessions lasted.

The investigator relies: twice, half an hour each time.

When the defense tries to establish in detail what the charges against his client are, he is referred to the confidential file.

Kadmani asks again, “Is there progress in the investigation.” Answer, “There is some progress in the investigation of the entire incident, including the other persons involved.”

When the defense asks for specifics, the investigator reiterates that the progress refers to the entire case and refers to the confidential file.

The defense sums up, “the suspect has been in detention for 45 days. Nothing links him to the incident he is accused of: placing an explosive charge in an army jeep. He denies any connection to the incident. He is pressured to incriminate others. His brother-in-law is detained in connection with the same charge.

Judge’s decision: … this is a complicated investigation. Citing the confidential files, he extends the remand b 8 days.


Hani Muhammad Jamal Mafarja – ID 850399882

Defense: Firas Sabah

The suspect is barred from seeing an attorney.

The investigator requests a 15-day remand. The suspect has been in detention since 2.6.13

The defense presents the case while the detainee is absent from court.

From the defense’s questions we gather that the detainee has been interrogated 15 times since the last extension and that he has given a statement to the police.

When asked if the suspect was cooperative and if other people were involved, the interrogator refers to the confidential file.

The defense sums up: he objects to the remand extension since the suspect is barred from conferring with his attorney, in other words, he has no legal representation.

The court is cleared so that the detainee can be brought before Justice Rubinstein.

We present the judge with the High Court of Justice order that recommends allowing us to be present when the judge talks to the detainee, in the interest of the public’s right to know.

The judge, after glancing at the HCJ document, announces that he will not grant us permission to remain in court, adding, “If you insist, I will close the doors.” When asked to give us his reasons, he replies, “Reasons? I can explain in a few minutes.” We leave the court with a heavy heart.


Ibrahim Naaman Nimer Mahtoub – ID 972985774

Defense: Judd Kadmani

The man has been in detention since 22.6.13 and is barred from seeing an attorney.

The investigator requests 15-day extension to complete the investigation.

The defense objects: he wants to know what links his client to the charges and if they are based on intelligence alone.

We left the court when the defense was done presenting the case. Standing outside in the hallway, we saw the suspect being led into the court. He looked relatively old and had trouble walking.