'Anabta, 'Azzun, Beit Iba, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Jit Junction

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Rahel A., Riki S., Amira A. (reporting)





The CP was crowded with people, following yesterday's strike.

The pressure was alleviated by opening up additional checking-booths (12 instead of the usual 3-4). The staff worked more efficiently and the anxious day-laborers were not stuck in lines in vain.

Within one day an iron frame intended for roofing had been constructed - an improvement awaited since March 2014!

Well, what is it that happened? The workmen passing through Irtah had finally joined forces and resisted by striking. All together, they collaborated in demanding improvement of the system.

And now, "let's see how long this change persists." Most of the workmen could not believe that it would. They mentioned a strike they had four years ago and the changes then lasted for some two weeks before declining into an even worsened situation.

Today it took the men half an hour from the beginning of the line to its end and reaching their boss's vehicle, "instead of the usual hour-and-a-half to two hours." There was a sense of pride that their achievement had been the result of their strike. They were more peaceful and content. Yesterday, some of their representatives had gone to talk with the Palestinian DCL and the Israeli DCL

A workman from Jenin (left home at 03:00), working in Petah Tikva, arrived on the scene with the news that following the complaints at the Palestinian DCL, the Palestinian police would come by today to put some order into the mess of the lines. (MW: Worth following up).

The Palestinians discussed the direct connection between the recent violence (terror) and the malicious conduct of the Israelis at the CP's.

The Israeli journalists (Haaretz, YNET this morning) took in the authorities' excuse for the worsened situation as being the unfortunate (on both sides) result of the building improvements being affected. But WE know that this is simply the system! the system designed to humiliate, degrade and be mean, in order to attain and exercise power. True for the CP's at Irtah, Eyal, 300, and particularly Qalandiya. Just read the reports and see. Some of the Palestinians seemed to accept these excuses too, but seniors at the CP's knew better: the meanness is not only of recent days. The conditions are growing more and more difficult all the time. The Israelis know nothing about the hardship afflicted on the Palestinian laborer, who is constructing his country and home.

G. has been employed these past 30 years in a nursery in the Givat Shaul area in Jerusalem. "Does your employer know about all the hardship you are going through day by day" we asked. "No, he doesn't. People get out of the CP injured and hurt. I was hit on my back too. Ambulances are there evacuating injured persons on a daily basis."

Returning through ‘Anabta, the CP leading into Tulkarm was deserted and the almond trees were in bloom...

Beit Iba.The road is being improved and will be a 4-lane road. New shops are being built along the route. No sign of a barrier.

We cut through in the direction of Jit. At the Jit  junction there were soldiers at the entrance to the Kadum road. Their weapons were directed toward young kids on their way to school. They claimed that yesterday kids had thrown stones at passing vehicles.

'Azzun:Three soldiers were at the entrance.