Jama'in, Jurish, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Sara Chiartis, Naomi Benzur (reporting), Nadim ( driver)


13:45 We depart from the train station at Rosh Ha'Ayin.

There is a new traffic light before the entrance to Sha'ar Shomron, another investment of State money in the West Bank. Each investment, whether it is in a new road, a new suburb, as well as the improvement of the checkpoints is a declaration: "we came to stay": an expression of the occupiers' belief in the endlessness of the occupation.


At the entrance to Jamma'in there is an armored military vehicle parked at the side, and a group of soldiers stopping a Palestinian car. Another armored car drives in the direction of Sha'ar Shomron. The Tapuah junction is almost entirely empty. In its center there are two soldiers roaming around and another soldier is to be seen in the watch tower.


At the entrance to the village of Kussra there is a row of young olive trees that have been planted some time ago. An appropriate Palestinian reaction to the hundreds of olive trees that were felled by the occupiers: "We are here to stay!".


14:30 Ju'rish. As in other villages in the West Bank, here to the school vacation is felt. Many boys and girls can be seen on the streets. Some are playing, others carry bundles of twigs for heating.


A short time after we arrive at the club, the girl pupils come. The first lesson if Yoga, directed by Sarah, and the second is English. There the verb to have in different persons, in regular or question sentences, is excercised, with Naomi in the lead.


And here is a request: We met today with a woman who was selling her handicraft. During the meeting of the MW members with the women of the village she begs to inform two MW members who ordered her products and paid her, that the items were ready and that she would be happy to send them to the buyers.


17:00 Departure from Ju'rish. It is freezing cold. Darkness falls. The children who ran around the streets, are already safely in their homes. There is  very little vehicular traffic on the road, till the Tapuah junction. There a long motorcade moves slowly in both directions, to Nablus and to Ramallah. Now there are also only very few soldiers are seen at the junction. Not far from there a yellow barrier closes the entrance to Jamma'in which was still open a few hours before. An armoured car is parked near the entrance. At the entrance to Marda too there is a military vehicle parked, but the entrance to the village is open.


17:45 Return to Rosh Ha'Ayin.