Qira, Salfit Checkpoint, Shomron Crossing

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Michal R, Sally-Anne (reporting)

Over the past two weeks our visits to Qira  have been very good. 

Michal and I go every Sunday  a.m. to our usual workshops on movement and bead work.
Last Sunday we held our workshops at Fatias house, she invited the whole group for breakfast at her house.
20 women came. We ate and spoke and then did a class in her living room and Michal did bead work on the dining room table.
It proves that there is a good bonding and relationship with the women of Qira which is what we want  and which is valuable.
We went to Salfit, the barrier was up and Palestinian cars passed easily. There was no army traffic on Rd  5

We passed Shomron Gate with no interuption.