'Azzun, 'Izbet alTabib, Eliyahu Crossing, Habla

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Nina S. (reporting), Dina A., Translator: Charles K.

Habla, Eliyahu gate

A new procedure at the Habla checkpoint:  a female soldier inspects people again before they exit the checkpoint.  They’ve already been first inspected by the soldiers when they entered the gate and gone through the metal detector and had their documents checked.  Those exiting call to us, “Look how they treat people!”  The female soldier continues to inspect everyone again as if they hadn’t been checked minutes earlier by other soldiers.


07:20  Habla

Many people have already gone through.  No line at the checkpoint – whoever arrives crosses after a few minutes.


A man stops to complain that today they’re being checked three times:  at the entrance gate to the checkpoint area, at the magnetometer and then again at the exit by the female soldier who tells people to turn out their pockets, raise their sweatshirt, turn around.  As if the magnetometer wasn’t working, even though the people going through says it is.  The female soldier inspects a cart and the people in it who’d already been checked and after discussion allows them to go through.  While the female soldier was dealing with the cart, a few people exited without her checking them.


A man on a bicycle arrives two minutes after 08:00, but they allow him to enter.  08:05 – the gate is still open, but a man who comes is turned back.

The gatesinfo-icon close.


08:15  Eliyahu gate

Few cars being checked, no people on line.


At the entrance to ‘Izbet Tabib – A military car parked there, a group of soldiers talking beside it.  The village is quiet.


The main entrance to ‘Azzun – The gate is open, a military car parked there, soldiers stand next to it, talking.


The ‘Azzun ‘Atma checkpoint has been shut down and dismantled.