Barkan industrial zone, Kafr alDik, Salfit, Wadi Kanna,

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Ilana B., Vivy K., Dvorka O., Pitzi S., Nurith P. (reporting and photographing)., Hanna K. Translating

With representatives of environmental organizations.


The joint tour has been coordinated by Ilana, Vivy and Nurith with the intention of thoroughly getting to know the problem of the sewage from the settlements and the industrial zones which pollutes lands and water in the Palestinian villages.

11.00  Wadi Kanna - A survey of the river Kanna drainage basin, and the problems stemming from the fact that the area is under occupation.

The settlements which are situated on the mountain ridge surround the Wadi. In the past the place served as for residence and the growth of vegtetables and fruit trees. The place was partly abandoned when the sewerage began to be directed to the Wadi.

Since two years now sewerage flows as the place became known for its beauty and was declared to be a nature reserve. This is also the argument given as a reason that the Palestinians were forbidden to perform any agricultural or any other activity.

Olive seedlings that have been planted here during the last year were uprooted by the Israeli authorities.

12.30 The sewage cascade from the Barkan industrialarea – observation from road no. 5

We saw the sewage fall in a mighty gush from the slope of the hill directly onto the road, and continue to flow under the road in a ditch. The whole place is shrouded in a spray of sewage and stench in the 

whole area. Cars pass quickly on the roads and probably do not notice the nuisance.


13.00  Kafr alDik near the water source which probably is contaminated by metals.

There is a gushing forth of water, protected by a suilding. There is a plan that it will be activated as a water purification plant. It is estimated that there is a potential for 150 cube of water from day to day.

2.30  The site where the sewage flows onto open areas near Salfit

We visited the site where the sewage rivers of Ariel and of Salfit meet and flow in a common route. (the only place where the Palestinians and 

the Settlers "joint" in a common route).


2.45 The site were works have begun to build a sewage purification plant in Salfit.


One can still see signs of the diggings that were begun in order to put up the plant,  whose building was cut off.


The Ariel industrial area is situated on the other side of the hill. A plan is known according to which Ariel will expand to this area.