Bruqin, Deir Ballut, Kufr alDik, Qira

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Sally-Anne F., Michal R. (taking pictures), Yehudit K. (reporting) with Nadim

Qira, settlements along road 446, Kafr ad Dik, Bruqin


10:15 – We reached Qira to meet a group of women who, in addition to coming together for social reasons, regularly participate in physical exercise with Sally-Anne and  do handicraft with Michal.  

Some of the women were already waiting for us and others arrived one by one during the meeting. The women really came alive in their session with Sally-Anne but due to the late hour we didn't do any further activities. We had time, however, to plan for our next meeting when we will continue to learn new crochet patterns.

12:00 We drove on road 446 towards Deir-Ballut while watching the settlements along the way.

12:15 Leshem, the new neighborhood in Alei Zahav is blooming (see attached pictures) and at present, further expansion of the settlement is being prepared. The distance between Deir-Ballut and the ground work being carried out above the village is very short. (See pictures of agriculture in Deir-Ballut). On the other side, south-east of the road in the direction of Kafr ad Dik, one can see the ground work and the construction work in Peduel and Beit-Arie. It looks as if the two settlements have merged into one big village.

12:45 It was quiet in Kafr ad  Dik