'Azzun, Kufr Thulth

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Zvia S., Rachel A., Hadas C., Orly P. (a new member), Dvorka A. (reporting), Translator: Charles K.

‘Azzun, Thulth, Deir Istiya




‘Azzun.  We stopped our friend A.’s to unload the equipment we’d brought.  After a brief conversation and sweet tea we continued.

At the entrance we didn’t see the military vehicle that’s almost always there.


Thulth.  We heard about a recent new initiative of the occupation authorities – paving village lands with asphalt even though the court decided a few years ago that villagers are allowed to cultivate them.

The asphalt seems this time is in retaliation for the Molotov cocktail which was thrown from near the village that injured the Israeli girl (the youth suspected of the act is from an ‘Azzun family).

We reached A.’s home.  He described the background and their intention to return to court with the help of Yesh Din.  And after a short while Ruti K. and Mikki arrived from Yesh Din to obtain A.’s testimony about what had occurred.


Deir Istiya.  Z. already informed us in the morning that the meeting we’d hoped for with the new head of the municipality won’t take place because she again had a meeting in Salfit.  We came to the village anyway for a short tour in the old section and to enjoy the entrance “liberated” after the huge boulders blocking it had been removed.  Let’s hope construction of the entry arches will be completed without new “blockades.”

Men and women in the village’s narrow lanes and streets invited us to their homes.  We promised to return.