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Tamar Fleishman; Translator: Judith Green
The Woman's Day
About 1000 Palestinian women marched from Ramallah to the checkpoint, carrying in their hands Palestinian flags, posters and pictures of family members who had been killed by the IDF.
The checkpoint was closed, it gatesinfo-icon locked and it seemed as though the IDF was going to be able to allow the demonstration.  But it only seemed that way, maybe just a hope and maybe an illusion.
When the women arrived at the fence of the checkpoint and touched it and waved the flags and called out slogans for freedom from the yoke of occupation and for freedom, the soldiers and police stood on the other side and one could see they were nervous and impatient.  Someone dared to hang a Palestinian flag on the wire fence.  Like a genie freed from the bottle, like a standing bull with the red flag waved before his eyes, the flag was grabbed and trampled under the soldiers' feet and their officer shouted, "Friends, every flag will be answered with pepper!"  So he said, and kept his word.  
And then - The soldiers broke through the checkpoint and shot wildly into the huge crowd of women moving towards the openings.
The soldiers fired and the police fired and also the military vehicle and the women were injured and fell shedding tears and choking and were gathered up by ambulances and taken from there and kids starting throwing stones and the soldiers increased their fire and the gas spread and filled the whole place and...