Etzion DCL

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Natanya G. and Phyllis W. (reporting)

We reached Etzion a little before 4 PM.  We saw approximately 10 men waiting in a line to enter the Shabak offices at the western end of the compound.  There was no one waiting in the DCO offices.

In the parking lot we met a middle aged man who looked very distraught:  about two hours earlier, his son (aged 17) had been arrested in his village by an IDF unit while sitting and talking to a friend on a bench in the street.  The son had been taken away to who knows where – vanished.  The father, not knowing what to do and whom to address, had come to look for him at Etzion.  The soldier on duty in the DCO told him to ask at the police compound on the eastern edge of the site.  We accompanied the father over there but the soldier on duty could give no answer and told us to ask at another gate where a second soldier (politely) answered that there were no prisoners there that day.  He suggested that the father ask at the Shabak offices on the western end of the site.  We returned with the father and stood by the turnstile gate (which was locked), calling to the soldiers inside.  Finally, someone called back saying he couldn’t provide an answer about prisoners.  He told the father to return home and wait until he was contacted in due time.  We left the father, who decided to continue waiting at the DCO offices, and returned to Jerusalem.  Since then we have not been able to make contact and so we do not know the end of the story.