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Miki T.K. and Nurit P. reporting. Hanna K. translating

We arrived at 'Isla at 15.00 and 15 children of different ages arrived with us. The 8 older ones (classes 4 -6) were engaged by Miki. In my class there were 7 younger children with scant knowledge of English.

N., who usually joins us, was in hospital with her young son, and the fact that she was missing was noticeable because the children were rather unruly.

We began learning about the weather accompanied by singing, and then they discovered the boxes of puzzles I brought with me. They enthusiastically opened the boxes and began to play.

I helped them to distinguish between the corners and borders of the picture and its internal parts. After approximately one hour we joined Miki`s group where she taught them a song accompanied by a guitar. This was a special experience for the children who are accustomed mainly to frontal learning without any games or music.


Miki reports:

1. We worked on present continuous in several ways:

I asked them questions

They filled learning forms (pages)

2. We played Bingo of winter articles and numbers from 1 to 20


3. I taught them a song and we sang accompanied by a guitar.