Hamra (Beqaot), Tayasir

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Revital Sela, Rachela Hayut (reporting). Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham


11:50 – We crossed through Bezek Checkpoint.  Two fancy police cars were parked along the road to the south.  The weather has brought on the spring flowers.  Perhaps it will rain again before the season is over, and there will be more grazing land. 


12:10 – Khalat Makhul

We came to see what was going on and to bring Y. an awning which he has requested.  We met only two children and understood that Y. and A. had taken the flocks out to graze. We also left warm clothing, coats, and shoes.  We hoped that the army, who photographs everything from above, would not want them.  On the southern side of the area, where everyone lives, there are tin shacks which serve as both housing and a sheep pen.  There are still items from the house in the field, but the area looks more organized and orderly than it did last week.     


12:15 – Hamra Checkpoint

The eastern lane is blocked by New Jersey plastic roadblocks, and only one lane is being used for traffic coming from both directions.  Why?  The soldier from the Lavi Brigade, which arrived two weeks ago, reported that there were breakthroughs to the east.  It is easier to control things if there is only one lane.  We didn't understand what "breakthroughs" he was talking about.


An army vehicle  stopped by.  Two soldiers approached us, began to talk with us, and continued on their way.  A truck with a huge towing crane, bearing an Israeli license plate, drove from Area A and continued north.  Meanwhile, 10 cars were waiting on the east side. 


12:40– A soldier wags his finger and signals for the entire convoy  to cross through the only lane west, with no waiting between cars. So it is possible to do things this way.  We left at 12:45.


13:10 – Tayasir Checkpoint

The monument in memory of Zionism is still blocking one of the lanes in the checkpoint.The soldiers, who were surprised to see us, said something about the fact that it was forbidden to be here…but did not make us leave.  They only stood next to us and watched over us, until we left.

There is very little traffic.


A line of noisy ATVs drove by.  We wonder if they were soldiers or civilians.


13:45– We crossed through Bezek Checkpoint.