Etzion DCL

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Hannah S. and Phyllis W. (reporting)

When we reached DCL Etzion at 2:30 PM, we found about 25 people sitting in the hall waiting to be called.  More than half of them had come to renew or receive a magnetic card.  The line was moving very slowly, with a wait of 15-20 minutes between people.  In the end, Hanna called to the soldiers through the bars, calling their attention to the fact that the line was not moving.  The soldiers answered that there were a lot of people inside the office who had not finished the issuing process.  At any rate, after a few minutes we saw a change for the better and the line began to move more quickly.  There was little more that we could do to help.  I had come with a bundle of requests by Palestinians to be removed from the blacklist that had not been taken care of.  When we finished presenting these requests, we decided to return to Jerusalem.