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Ronny P., Marcia L. (Reporting)

5:00  When we arrived there was already a line stretching from the carousels to the entrance of the check point.  Four inspection windows were open but the lines moved slowly.


We noticed that the men’s toilets were already locked and men had to use the women’s toilets.  Obviously, the women then didn’t use the toilets assigned to them.  There is no right more basic right—especially in the 21st Century-- than to provide an appropriate place in which to take care of one’s bodily functions in dignity!


5:15  All five inspection windows were open, but the lines still moved slowly.


5:30  Suddenly, M., the unpleasant policeman, appeared with two other policemen.  They spoke among themselves and drank coffee in front of the workers, before they turned their attention to the workers who still waited in line.  We have no idea why M. has to yell and threaten.  He behaves toward everyone like a bully and a tyrant.  He invites hatred.


6:10 M. himself opened the Humanitarian Gate because the female soldier and security guards had not yet arrived.  Again, M. inspected the permits and documents with disdain.


6:30 – 7:00  The lines continued, the frustration continued, and we asked ourselves how the Palestinians can continue to suffer the frustration, the humiliation and the behavior of the Israelis who serve Qalandiya  with disdain for the concept of ”human dignity and freedom”.