Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Remand Extension, Barred (from meeting with attorney)

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Roni Hammermann and Tova Szeintuch (reporting)


Translation: Diana Rubanenko



Judge: Major-Gen. Hanan Rubinstein


Police investigator: Omri Aweideh


Defenders : Nabil Azahman, Firas Sabbah, Tareq Bargout, Avi Baram



7 cases in the docket, of which two detaineesinfo-icon were barred from meeting an attorney.


We asked the worthy judge for the protocols, but he decided against this, telling us: "You can sit here, write, summarize, but you will not receive protocols".


Many people packed the small room where remand extensions are discussed, and there was little fresh air. With the resulting congestion, detainees were brought in without any particular order. Sometimes a detainee could not be found (!), so a hearing about someone else began ... "Who is this?", and then the lost detainee was found.


Detainees came and went. There were agreements, and disagreements ....


Because not everything was clear, we report with caution only on things we are certain about.



Muhammad Amin Hamed Sa'ifan , ID 852122399


Defence: Nabil Azahman


The man was detained on 22 July 2013. The investigator is asking for another 15 days in remand, for further investigation.


Suspicions: membership in Hamas and providing a service to Hamas.


The defence is trying to focus the charges more sharply, but the answers remain general.


The defence attorney's questions focus on the period of events: he admits that in 2003-2005, while a minor, he participated in parades.


From the words of the defence attorney it can be understood that the suspect was questioned about his relationship with a third person who, the attorney explains, is the detainee's adoptive father. The background to the links he is suspected of are familial only.


He gave a statement [confession] to the police.


The defence attorney sums up: He does not agree to the number of days that the investigation authorities are seeking. He argues that the respondent is suspected of supporting the civilian branch of Hamas, and is in no way related to military operations.


The lack of danger posed by the respondent can be concluded from his not being a resident of Area A, and the activity of which he is suspected was committed in Area A - past offences that did not endanger the state.


The judge's decision: There are reasonable suspicions against the detainee. The investigation report indicates that there has been a development in the investigation concerning the information that led to his arrest.


He decides to extend his remand by another 11 days.


During the hearing concerning the detainee barred from meeting an attorney, another detainee was brought into court for a conversation with his attorney.



Hamza Abdel-Rahman Yousef Hatzib , ID 911581981


Attorney Firas Sabbah represented him.


The investigator requests 15 more days in detention for the inquiry's purposes.


The man was arrested yesterday, the previous day (28 July). The investigation has just started. He has not made a statement to the police.


Suspicion: military activity in Hamas, and military training.


There were other detainees whose extensions we observed, but because the hearings were not conducted in an orderly way, we can say only that the suspicions were uniform: membership in Hamas, providing a service to Hamas, and activities against the security of the region.