Barta'a-Reihan, Jalama, Tura-Shaked

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Yocheved G., Lea R. (reporting)


14:10 I meet two sisters at the Rambam hospital. One is undergoing treatments and the other escorts her. One is from Jenin and the other is from Ya'abed. I drive them to the Jalama checkpoint.


15:20  Jalama checkpoint

The site is undergoing speedy development. It has expanded, fruit trees were planted. Who is planning to stay there forever?

Israeli Arabs who are permitted to cross to Palestine are now on their way back to Israel and there is a long line of vehicles.


16:30  We are approaching the Tura checkpoint and are faced with a large herd of sheep and many lambs of various colors. For a moment I thought I was in Greece but was awakened by the checkpoint. The site appears unnecessary, as if it waits for nobody.

An elderly man addresses us and says that all is ok. His daughters are married, he is employed and is being treated well, all is good. We shared his happiness.


17:00  Barta'a

Many people returning to the West Bank. Adults seems tired. Its unusually hot today, "Hamseen". The younger folks appears more energized. All are happy to go back, some greet us in a friendly manner.

Perhaps things would take a turn for the better after all.


18:00  We leave.