Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya

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Rachel Afek, Tzvia Shapir and Ricki from the Beach Days group, Nina Berger and Hagit S.S. (reporting); Translator: Charles K.

We met at the Tarqumiyya crossing and drove to meetings in villages with the people responsible for preparing the lists of Beach Day participants in order to give them forms to be signed and detailed explanations about all the arrangements and behavior at the beach.


We began at A-Tuwani.  In the principal’s office at the school, surrounded by many teachers, we met Tayasir, who’s in charge of the lists.  Ricki and Rachel, whose ability to speak Arabic is impressive, explain to Taysir everything he has to know and pass on, and all the safety precautions.


We continued to Umm-el-Hir, to a meeting we’d arranged with Eid, but to our disappointment he wasn’t there (he’d been called to work). 


We drove to Huda’s kindergarten in Hisham al-Daraj (it’s 11 AM; the children had already gone home).  Huda and her assistant welcomed us warmly and happily, and we were amazed by the huge improvement in the kindergarten.


On the way to Hebron – a brief stop at Hayfa’s lovely home in Kafr Zif, where we were also warmly welcomed.


On to Hebron to meet Issa and Umm Yazdi who’s preparing the Beach Day lists.  They host us beneath the olive trees in the courtyard of the small “community center” that Issa directs (which we knew about when Tzipi’s Michael established it some time ago). Issa tells us about the activities, and about his being blacklisted for no reason other than, perhaps, him being a community activist.

They receive the forms, hear all the explanations, Issa translates from excellent English to Arabic, all the important information was transmitted.  Issa appears extremely responsible… two groups will go this summer, one in June and the second in August (after Ramadan).


Our last visit, in Tarqumiyya, with Mufida in her home.  She’s a cheerful, energetic community activist (We’re amazed at the incredible dresses she embroiders).  Here too we delivered the required forms and all the explanations.  Mufida asks why there aren’t trips to other parts of Israel.  They thirst for them…