Beit Ummar, Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, South Hebron Hills

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Michal T. Translator: Charles K.

The IDF continues to make its presence felt.




We didn’t enter Hebron; we drove to the Gush Etzion junction, Beit Ummar and back on Highway 60.

They’re working energetically in Sham’a preparing the ground for a new neighborhood.


Above the emplacement overlooking the road to Negohot, opposite Deir Razzak, floats Big Brother’s balloon.


At the Dura al-Fawwar junction the soldiers have come down from the pillbox; many IDF vehicles are parked there.  But no one is detained.

Soldiers also patrol the Shuyukh-Sa’ir junction and also at the northern entrance to Sa’ir, near Halhul.


At the Gush Etzion hitchhiking stations there are many soldiers and security personnel.

On our way back many soldiers were moving getting ready at the entrance to Beit Haggai, and the balloon still floated in the air above.