South Hebron Hills

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Yael Agmon (reporting), Noa R. (guest, a Bezalel student), M. (driving and translating); Translator: Charles K.

Kafr Zif

Susiya – Work continues on the new neighborhood.


Carmel – Construction continues.  A cement boom pumping truck is visible from the road.

A military vehicle parks at the entrance.


We were at Zif for most of our shift, helping Noa R. with her term paper about the village, an interview with Hayfa and a tour of the locality.


We didn’t go to Hebron because of Rabbi Levinger’s funeral.


On our way back we saw a military vehicle parked at the Dir’at junction.


Armed soldiers stand at the Ma’on hitchhiking stations on both sides of the road.


Sham’a – a new area is being prepared to enlarge the settlement.