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Roni Hammermann and Tamar Fleishmann; Translator: Hanna Kahana

The sprinkler didn't skip over Calandia

The representatives of La Familia have sprayed and mutilated Marwan Barguti's face.

The graffiti of Marwan Barguti's, face which decorates already several years the separation wall, determines the apartheid boundary, and is a symbol of hope and liberation.

It is not accidentally that this place and the portrait of this man were chosen to generate there this act of hooliganism.


The last day of Id-El-Fiter.

Dressed in their finery the Palestinians, with their children and their elders, streamed to the CP from all the towns of the West Bank, to perform the custom of family visitation.


People streamed to East Jerusalem, and from it.

The reality proves that in spite of the many years that have passed and in spite of the physical severance which the State of Israel has created between the Palestinians of Jerusalem and the inhabitants of the West Bank, neither the wall nor the checkpoint, nor the limitations and the rules and the regulations, succeeded in obstructing the ties of the heart.

The Parking Lot which has been confiscated for the duration of the month of Ramadan and has been changed into a sterileinfo-icon region for the implementation of the selections and the criteria fixed by the authorities, has now been returned to its natural owners. Most of it, but not all of it. All along its western flank concrete obstructions have been placed, so that the area intended for parking has been reduced.