Al Nashshash, Beit Ummar, Etzion DCL, Nabi Yunis

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Tova Shid, Haya Ofek (reports), Translation: Naomi Gal



Reports from shifts on 29/6/15, 6/7/15, 13/07/15

Unfortunately I did not get to write detailed reports of these shifts. 
We went through all our usual stops: Husan, Nashash, Beit Ommar, Nabi Yunes and Etzion DCL. Probably due to Ramadan, fewer people came to consult with us.

The tribulation stories repeat themselves:

1. Samir from Halhul:

“I used to work in Israel, in your country, and they caught me. I have a boss who needs me. For two years and a half I did not go in [to Israel] and I have probation for three years. I gave up already. I only entered without a permit. I do not have a drug or thefts offenses. I worked there for 15 years (for the boss in Tel Aviv). I want to live. I have to make a living...”

2. Mahmud from Beit Liqya (on the phone, went to DCL’s policeman in Beit El to request a form that says for how long he is prevented):

“The policeman in Beit El took my ID card and left. He came back an hour later and said: you have no form. He didn’t give me a date or anything...”

And so on and so forth.