Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Holding and trading of combat materiel, Remand Extension

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Mili Mass, Hava Halevi (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Remand Extensions


Judge: Avraham (Avri) Einhorn

Defense: Firas Sabah, Louai Oka

Investigator/Statement taker/Case presenter: Afif Awida


Despite the war in Gaza and the large number of arrests, there were only six cases before the judge, two of which were “barred from seeing an attorney”.


Diab Abed Alrahim Eid Abed Al-Rahman Dar Nasser – ID 900049743

The prisoner was brought in, his blindfold and handcuffs now removed. Everything had been agreed upon, the only remaining question was when does Ramadan end so the case may be moved to the prosecution.

Remand extension of 8 days until 31.7.14


Diab Mustafa Diab Nasser – ID 853090389

Until our last report on the case he was barred from seeing an attorney. Not this time.

Here is the last report:

On 23.6.14 Roni Hammermann and Tova Szeintuch reported on his remand extension, which was his eighth! It was extended by 4 days. Thus, the hearing today was his ninth! Not long ago Diab was convicted in another case and served a long time in prison. He was charged – and confessed – with planning to kidnap a soldier.

Today the court issued a prohibition to meet an attorney. The investigation centered on other suspicions, which are included in a confidential file before the judge. Afif Awida, who had taken the statement either during or after the interrogation, asked the judge for an extension until the conclusion of the procedure. The charges are: planning to kidnap, military activity and possession of combat materiel in the West Bank.

We had not been present at all his remand hearings; perhaps there were more than nine. This time his detention was extended by 8 days, until the end of Ramadan, when the case would be transferred to the prosecution.


Amran Aeid Amran Suleiman – ID 852274539

The investigator requested remand extension of 15 days. The judge was all set to dictate the routine formula, but Atty. Firas Sabah objected, insisting on talking to the suspect first. It turned out he had a good reason. The detainee was brought in and the attorney conducted a hushed conversation with him in the corner. Then, obviously uncomfortable, the attorney told the court that although he was embarrassed to say it, the detainee had told him that the investigator threatened that if he did not confess, he, the interrogator, to put it politely, would abuse him sexually. He must have threatened to rape him. The detainee further told his attorney that the investigator cursed him, and that was why he went on a hunger strike.

The attorney asked the court to order the investigator to stop this behavior, and this was recorded in the protocol. It was also written that Major Einhorn said: “As for alleged threats, the court reminds the defense that the suspect has a right to submit an official complaint in writing to…” Here there was a pause, because neither the judge nor the investigator was sure where the official complaint should be lodged….  In the end they settled on: To whoever deals with such complaints.

Decision: The judge, having read the file, said he tended to agree to a 15 -day remand, but in the end settled for 12.


Yehya Saleh Ahmad Dar Ataa – ID 902822691

He was arrested on 28.6.14. Barred from seeing an attorney until midnight.

To Atty. Louai Oka’s questions, the investigator stated that there was progress in the investigation. Yehya Ataa is accused of military activity and possession of arms.

-Has he confessed or not? -This is in the confidential file.

Here we got a glimpse of the drama that may have taken place during his detention. The attorney asked about the detainee’s health, and the judge replied that his stitches had been removed, and he was being treated at the prison clinic. This was stated perfunctorily as if every day detaineesinfo-icon have stitches removed from their hands. The defense objected to the remand extension and at least demanded to curtail it significantly. This is his client’s third extension and he has been barred from seeing his attorney all this time,

After that, the detainee was brought in, but since he was “barred” we had to leave.


Ahmad Ibrahim Yussuf Bader – ID 402274617

The detainee is a minor, about 17 years old, according to the investigator.

Since the court, as we know, respects the rights of minors and the law in general, we were not allow to attend the hearing,