'Anabta, 'Azzun, Burin (Yitzhar), Habla, Huwwara, Jit Junction , Jubara (Kafriat), Madama

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Susan A., Fitthiya A.(reporting), Translator: Judith G.
Seriously? Does this make us safer?
13:45  Habla Gate.  No problems.
14:15  Azun.  The eternal jeep stands at the entrance to the village
14:45  A military jeep with 4 soldiers was standing at the western entrance to Madama, before the bridge.  When we passed  by them, they ordered us to stop. They questioned us about where we were headed.  We answered, to the village of Madama.  They asked if we had a permit, and we answered that there was no need of a permit to enter Madama and that we go there every week.  They asked why we were going there, and, of course, we answered and explained.  They asked for our IDs, which we provided. The soldiers spoke on their communications device and told us to wait until they received an answer.  We waited about half an hour in the hot sun and there was no answer.  We argued with them that what they were doing is not logical and they answered that it was an order which they received until the issue is clarified and they could give us an answer.  This was very hard for me and I said that I felt as though I was burning up and I would go to sit under the bridge.  I sat on the ground and started to make phone calls.  I called the DCO at Huwwara where they said that the GSS would arrive shortly and the police as well.  I asked what the police had to do with it and they answered that they do not know and we should just wait patiently.  Half an hour later I called the DCO in Huwwara again.  This time, they said that these soldiers do not belong to the DCO and they don't know what to say.  I called the general DCO office and explained what was going on.  They answered that they don't know anything about this issue, but that the soldiers do belong to this unit and not to the DCO.  After another 35 minutes, Susan wanted to go to the toilet and then they returned our IDs to us and let us go.  One hour and 35 minutes we waited in the blazing heat - simply harassment.
Soldiers talking to Susan asked her if she had a daughter who had converted to Isrlam or married a Moslim.  Susan was astonished and asked why they would think that.  Their answer was that she had volunteered to help Arabs and not Jews on whom they throw stones every day.
When we got to Madama, the local council was already closed.  The soldiers' station opposite the school in Burin was manned.
16:35  Huwwara - we saw 2 jeeps, one stood at the entrance and the second in the square opposite the bus stop.
17:20  At the Jit junction a jeep with soldiers was standing on the hill.
17:30  The checkpoint at Anabta was manned.  Soldiers were standing next to the cement barriers.