Eliyahu Crossing, Habla

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Karin L., (reporting), Ben Z.,( photographing)



Eliyahu CP, Arb A-Ramadin, Habla



In view of the correspondence on the web about a trial of a young man from Arb A-Ramadin who protested against the cutting of electrical wires by the army, we drove to see what is happening

 in the village we are used to visiting, near Alfey Menashe. It turned out that the event took place in a village of this tribe near Hebron, but we met a woman, mother of many children, one of whom is disabled, who got a demolition order for her house.


11:15 – Eliyahu CP

We stopped at the spacious parking lot, near the offices of the civil security company, in order to photograph the development works style Gaudi and the weird outdoor sculptures, which become more elaborate from visit to visit. Having finished photographing and on the way back to the car, two security men arrived and demanded we wait for their superior, as "it is forbidden to be in the area, and it is forbidden to take photos". The superior arrived, asked as not to take photos of the guradsmen's faces, and bid us a good day.



Development and sculpture works at the Eliyahu CP.

We passed by ‘Azzun in order to leave crates and bags with Z., and to greet him.


We again passed by the Eliyahu CP, they asked for our ID cards and Passports, and then they opened our trunk which was emptied in the meantime, but still contained some flags. They asked us to wait on the side, at the checking area which in the past they didn't permit us to approach. Three additional cars with yellow number plates stood there for the checking. We were told that they didn't have dogs anymore at the installation. The passport was checked again and maybe photographed. The superior whom we had met before appeared again and again wished us a good day.


Arb A-Ramadin. Part of the piles of wreckage of a few years ago, have not yet been  cleared. This is the only village in the area which  remained outside the fence, in the seamline zone, when the delineation of the separation fence in the Alfey Menashe area was altered in order to include Ras A-Tira and the three other villages, because it is located between Alfey Menashe and road no. 55. The children go by bus to school at Habla; they go and return by the Habla CP. For the smaller children they built a school out of natural material which can be dismantled. We found the head of the village who explained that the imprisoned boy and the entire story of the cutting off of the electricity happened in a village with an identical name, near Hebron. Since the wreckage which we documented a few years ago, there were no special problems in the village. They just refrain from building near the road leading to Alfey Menashe.




The old wreckage of a House at Arb A-Ramadin


We were directed to the house of a woman who a few days ago received a destruction order for a humble house which had been built about eight years ago. Her invalid son greeted us cordially under the tent where he lives. His mother arrived with food purchases from Qalqilya, and showed us the demolition order. She had three days to appeal; she has no lawyer. She hopes they will forget her and him.




We waited with a group of Palestinians for the opening of the gate. It was opened with a delay of 5 minutes. Pedestrians in groups of five, carts driven by horses, and lorries passed through. The big gate was opened and shut each time anew.