'Awarta, Beit Furik, Burin (Yitzhar), Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Esti W., Nava A., Translator: Charles K.

Oranit, Huwwara, Awarta, Beit Furiq


They complained about us to the Israeli police who released us without any problem.


07:45  Oranit.  Gate 1447/1448 is an agricultural gate.  We arrived before the soldiers did.  A few contractors’ vehicles were already waiting for workers crowded on the other side of the locked gate.  A military vehicle arrived a few minutes later.  Instead of opening the gate, the soldiers busied themselves organizing the area.  They make the vehicles move away from the inspection shed and then come over to find out who we are.

The MP sergeant won’t let us stand there.  She says it’s a closed military area and asked for our ID’s.  We told her our names.  We explained we’ll leave only after seeing an order from the general in command, and that ID’s must be presented only to the Israeli police.  She hurriedly called for a police car.

We tried to tell her we’ve already been standing here for a few weeks, but she’s stubborn.  We spoke with the DCL, which didn’t reach a clear decision.

We were pleased this business didn’t prevent the soldiers from opening the gate and allowing those waiting through. 

A “foreman” holds dozens of Palestinian ID’s, and the laborers cross in groups of five to the MP’s who glance at them.  There was no record entered in a laptop today either.

Finally the tractors cross and the gate closes.


08:35  The Israeli police finally arrive (the sergeant wouldn’t allow us to leave before they came).  The policeman spoke to us and to the sergeant.  He sees she’s stressed and sends us on our way.

08:40  When we returned to the fence we carefully read the red sign posted at the gate.  It in fact reads that it’s a military area but doesn’t state entry is forbidden (like at the entrances to Area A).  It does note that entry could endanger the lives of those going in but the source of the danger is unclear.


Shomron gate:  Traffic flows.


09:05  Za’tara/Tapuach.  A few Border Police soldiers are in the compound.  Giv’ati soldiers are in the turnout by the roadside.


There is a  military vehicle in the parking lot at the southern entrance to Huwwara.


Yitzhar/Burin:  There is no military activity.


09:35  Beit Furiq.  The checkpoint isn’t manned.


Awwarta:  The yellow bar blocks the crossing, as usual.


09:45  Huwwara checkpoint.  The checkpoint is operating.  Two officers inspect people leaving Nablus.  There is a soldier in position on the north side of the checkpoint.  A Palestinian vehicle is detained and the driver taken by the roadside for questioning.  This time there’s no soldier at the settlers’ hitchhiking station but a soldier observes them from above.


09:50  On the way to Yitzhar;  a military vehicle  is in the turnout, not hindering traffic.


10:10  Za’tara/Tapuach.  There are no soldiers in the emplacements;  they’ve gathered in the tower’s shade.


Shomron gate:  Traffic flows.