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Nina S. (reporting), Dina A. Translator: Charles K.


It’s hot, hot, hot.  Little traffic at both gatesinfo-icon and people go through quickly.  Everyone has crossed. 

A group of young Palestinians went through Falamya North and waited beside us in the shed for the truck to go through and pick them up on the way back.  Like young people everywhere they were cheerful, laughed, and tried to speak with us.  They all seem accustomed to their lives’ routine; until the next explosion, as usual around here.


We drive to the Falamya gates.  No soldiers stood today at the entrance to ‘Azzun.


12:50  Gate 914, Falamya North

The gate is closed.  Palestinian farmers already wait on the other side for it to open, sitting in the shade of the shed. 


13:00  Soldiers arrive, open the gate, and people begin to cross.  It goes quickly.  Tractors and trucks go through loaded with huge sacks of dry za’atar, and empty trucks and tractors which have finished working in the fields.


13:15  Everyone who waited on line has crossed, and additional people arriving in dribs and drabs go through immediately.


13:45  Gate 935, Falamya south

The soldiers arrive and open the gate.

One man from Jayyous arrives and crosses.  A car comes from the fields.  Those crossing include an elderly man with a cane, walking slowly to be inspected at the checkpoint, a young man, a car, a few tractors.  Everything’s calm and quiet, the crossing goes quickly.


Few cars are being inspected at the entrance and exit to the Eliyahu gate.  No people waiting on line.