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Neta G. (reporting)


Under the wings of the Israeli NGO “On the Road to Recovery,” which transports Palestinians to hospitals in Israel and then returns them to the checkpoint, I drove a mother and two of her children from Rambam Hospital in Haifa. I took advantage of the opportunity to observe this closely. I did not see much. We seldom observe there and therefore the security guards do not recognize us and do not know how to behave toward us. 


14:30 A few agricultural workers return to the seam zone from their work in Israel, in the Jezreel Valley.  The door to the terminal is closed because at this hour there is no passage to Israel.  In spite of that, the passage from Israel to the seam line is quick and smooth.  The door to the passage (sleeveinfo-icon) on the terminal side is wide open.  I pass through it and walk with the others to the turnstile.  On the other side of the turnstile, Palestinian taxis are waiting for workers who are returning home from Israel.  On the side, there is a parking lot for Palestinians who drive from the West Bank in their own cars.  People are in a hurry and it is not nice of me to delay them with questions.  A young English speaker says that he works in Kfar Manda, and goes through the checkpoint to Israel in the morning at 05:00.


At the vehicle checkpoint there is a line of Arab citizens of Israel, who are returning in their own cars from the West Bank. In the other direction, to the seam zone, there is almost no traffic.


15:00  On the way back to my car, a woman security guard approaches me and asks who I am and what I am doing.  She listens with interest.  A male security guard also approaches me and stands aside.  The female security guard makes a phone call.  Another, older security guard approaches,  appearing to be more senior.  He claims it is forbidden for me to stand there without a security guard.  He is not convinced by my explanation.  To my question, he answers that about 2500 people pass between the hours of 05:00 and 06:00.  He says there is no pressure, but they do have a lot of work. And he emphasizes again that I am forbidden to stand there without a guard and it is forbidden to photograph.