Ar-Ram, Qalandiya

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Tamar Fleishman; Translator: Tal H.


After escaping the stones and breathing teargas, I met Sami.

Sami who draws the Palestinian people on a wall.

Sami invited me to come with him and we went together, Sami Aldeek and I, to the wall of pain:



The clashes at A-Ram between the two camps, between the two sides of the road, were and are ongoing as if they are a part of the daily routine.


Stones being hurled, and having been hurled, tires burning, and burnt, teargas in the air and the remains of grenades and bullets fired. For some moments, children took over the raised roundabout with the olive tree skeleton in its venter. For a few moments, then they were blasted off by the army that shot and proved that in this fight, he whose ‘equipment’ is bigger gets the upper hand.