'Awarta, 'Azzun, Beit Furik, Burin (Yitzhar), Habla, Huwwara, Jit Junction , Madama, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Esti, Fathia; Translator: Charles K.

13:40  Habla.  The gate is open.  A youth who wanted to go through with a horse cart is detained by the soldiers; they say he formerly went through with a donkey, not a horse.  Apparently it requires a donkey, not a horse.  Ten minutes later they let him through.


14:10  ‘Azzun.  No soldiers at the gate, probably because of the rain.


14:20  Jit junction.  An observation tower has been erected on the hill, a jeep, command car and many soldiers beside it.  Apparently they intended to establish a checkpoint at the entrance to the road to Yizhar.


14:25  Madama.  They haven’t yet finished harvesting the olives because of settlers from Yizhar who are, of course, being backed up by the army.


14:30  Burin.  Everything’s quiet, deserted.  Not a soul in the street.


14:45  Huwwara.  An army jeep at the traffic circle.  Soldiers at the bus stop and at the entrance to Beracha.


14:50  'Awarta.  A checkpoint at the northern entrance to the village, boulders blocking the road, soldiers standing alongside.  We tried to enter; the soldiers didn’t let us.


14:55  Beit Furik.  The checkpoint was manned, many soldiers, a father and son detained.  We asked the soldiers why; everything’s ok, they said, they’re being checked by the Shabak. 

A camerainfo-icon on the hill above the checkpoint, soldiers beside it.


15:05  On the way back.  A police checkpoint on the Yizhar-Huwwara road, a massive military presence on Huwwara’s main street – a few jeeps parked there.


A jeep also was parked at the entrance to Beita, soldiers alongside.


15:40  Za’tara.  A jeep parked in the middle of the plaza, soldiers at the checkpoint and the bus stops.


15:50  Ariel.  Seven soldiers with equipment at the plaza.  A jeep parked next to the tower at the entrance to Kifl Hars.


Sewage was flowing near Barkan from the industrial zone.  Apparently they took advantage of the rain to release it.