'Azzun, Beit Furik, Burin (Yitzhar), Eliyahu Crossing, Habla, Huwwara, Madama

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Habla-Azoun-Madama-Bourin-Huwwara-Beit Furiq


13.45 Habla. The gate is open and many people return early because of the situation.

At the Eliyahu passage there are many soldiers and military vehicles turn around in the area.

14.10 ‘Azzun. Six soldiers sit under the eucalyptus tree at the entrance.

14.20 Jit Intersection. There is a checkpoint at the entrance to road no. 60 through the Gilead ranch, Yitzhar. It is forbidden for Palestinian vehicles to drive on this road. On its entrance from the Huwwara side there is also a checkpoint.

14.30. Madama. At the western entrance of the village, on the road, there were five soldiers who secured the settlers. Even when were returned at 16.30 the soldiers were still there.

At Madama we went to the house of the young woman who was claimed to have tried to carry out a terrorist attack at five in the morning at Yitzhar, and was shot.

The house is situated at the end of the village on a high hilly mount. I was obliged to go on foot. I met the mother, the sisters and the aunts of the young woman.


And this is what the mother told me: Her daughter is 15 years old, she is in grade 9, she is a somnambulist, she is a sleepwalker. The mother got up at 4.30 in the morning when she heard shots, opened the window and saw many soldiers on the hill opposite. She shut the window and entered the girls' room to wake them up to pray, and there she discovered that her daughter called Istabrak was absent. They went to look for her in the vicinity and didn't find her. After about two hours soldiers arrived and took the father to the Israeli DCO where he was informed that his daughter was shot and was transferred to the Schneider hospital at Petah Tiqva. They asked for a permit to visit her but that was refused. They are very worried and helpless. What I understood from Hanna Brag was that we too are not allowed to visit her, as she is considered a prisoner. Doctors for Human Rights and the Prisoner's Club sent a lawyer and he contacted the parents and told them that she is being operated on as a bone of her hand was crushed. In any case I asked a friend who lives near Schneider to go there and to try and find out what happens to her. Perhaps one of our members could find out.

15.30 Bourin. The inhabitants complain and are very upset. They cannot pick their olives. When they approach their plots the settlers come down and the soldiers arrive and throw smoke bombs on the Palestinians. They approached the DCO and were promised that they would take care of the problem, but they didn't do anything. In the meantime the settlers come to

At the soldiers' post opposite the school there were three jeeps and many soldiers.

15.40 Awarta. The main entrance from the side of the apartheid road is blocked and soldiers watch that Palestinians vehicles shouldn't go out or enter.

Beit Furiq. The CP is manned and checks are performed. In font of the entrance to the village they put a big generator, four electrical poles on concrete blocks and posed on them searchlights directed to the village. There was also a hot-air balloon with a camerainfo-icon, which circled around over the village.

Huwwara. The CP was manned and there checks were performed in the two directions. There was a big congestion.

 On the main road at Huwwara they put up a CP. Many soldiers and policemen performed checks. Another three jeeps drive around the village.

16.40 Beit Ibba. At the entrance there was a jeep with soldiers and blue policemen.