Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Holding and trading of combat materiel, Remand Extension

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Translation: Diana Rubanenko


Judge: Menachem Lieberman

Investigator: Radi Khatib

Defence counsels: Firas Sabbah, Abed Jajini


Two cases in the docket.


Mustafa Hawajeh, ID 853003739

Defence counsel: Firas Sabbah

The investigator requested 48 hours to transfer the case to the prosecution.

Defence counsel consented.

The detainee is suspected of membership in an illegal organization.


Abbas Zara'i, ID 853003739

Defence counsel: Abed Jajini

Zara'i was arrested on 20.10.14.

Allegations against him: weapons offenses, and endangering the security of the region.

This is his third remand extension. To date, (10.11) he has been barred from meeting a lawyer.

The defence asks clarifying questions. So far he has been unable to meet his client.

Regarding many of his questions, the investigator refers him to the confidential report. We learn that the interrogation is 'dynamic' and is taking shape according to the progress of the investigation. Both the police and the GSS are questioning the suspect.

Jajini asks: Are there suspicions of shooting?

The investigator checks the documents in the file, but does not find such a clause.

The counsel's questions which are referred to the confidential report: Are more people involved? Is the suspect collaborating? Why are the investigation authorities seeking another eleven days for questioning, and not nine?

Defence counsel inquires about the detainee's complaints regarding his poor health condition.

Judge Lieberman replies, instead of the investigator, that the suspect's health is being checked several times a day by the facility's doctor.


The Defence's summing-up: This is the third extension. The detainee has been interrogated several times. The defence believes the investigation is complete. The suspect has given his version several times.

The police reiterates its request for another eleven days - which the defence views as 'excessive and wrong'; the police have had enough time to finish the job. He wants to reduce detention to the minimum, and particularly wants the detainee's complaint about intense back-pain to be checked. Though he was examined two days ago by the facility's doctor, the doctor wanted the suspect to show him by placing a finger on his back where it hurts. Probably the detainee did not point out the place and was then returned to his cell.


Judge Lieberman's summing-up: the police are asking for another eleven days for further investigation. The suspect has been in custody since 20.10.14 and was barred [from meeting with a lawyer]. The police are not persuaded that the suspect was not involved in some of the suspicions. The suspicions still exist, and have recently been borne out. We must enable the investigation to continue the inquiry.

Justice Lieberman finds no basis for the defence counsel's contention that the investigation is a waste of time, and says that in his opinion they are working properly.


He extends detention by another eight days, and instructs the investigator to finish the investigation by then.

In light of the defence counsel's claims regarding the suspect's poor health, the judge requests a medical report detailing his condition; the doctor should indicate in the report whether additional actions are required, in his opinion.