Ofer - Plea Bargain, Stone Throwing

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Mili Mass, Hava Halevi (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Remand Extensions Hearings


The parking lot of the courthouse was almost empty and only a few people were in the waiting area, in other words “low impact activity”. The reason is that the judges were otherwise engaged (conference, seminar or pep rally). Only one courtroom was operable, where Justice Menashe Vahnish extended remands for people charged with rock throwing, break-ins and staying illegally in Israel.

Remand extensions here are different from those at the Russian Compound: at Ofer, indictments are already prepared. The decision the judge has to make is whether to extend the detention until the conclusion of the proceedings or to release the defendant (who at the Russian Compound still has the status of detainee) on bail until the trial.

Do not hold your breath: all the decisions the judge handed down were to keep the defendants in detention until the end of the proceedings.

Judge: Menashe Vahnish

Defendant: Ramadan Sabatin – ID 850887217

Defense: Atty. Ihab Galid


Ramadan is 28 years old, a resident of Houssan. He was incriminated by another detainee, charged with rock throwing. He denies the allegations claiming he was elsewhere at the time.

The defense states that the incriminator mentioned 100 people, which invalidates his claim. Tova and Roni reported on ten days of interrogation – 19 hours a day. No wonder those interrogations wear out the detaineesinfo-icon; most arrests and indictments are based on incrimination by other detainees.

Decision: Detention until the end of the proceedings.


A’araf Jarar – ID 852434901

Defense: Atty. Ahmad Safiya


A’araf Jarar, too, was incriminated by others.

The charges: break-in of a vehicle (with 5 other suspects), theft of tool-kit from said vehicle with a view to selling it, and entering Israel without a permit (which occurred about 18 months ago, but marked him as “person with a record”.)

The defense tries to disprove the allegations. He cites from the indictment: the fingerprints that serve as base for the allegation were “examined by a lab”. Which lab? When? As for the break-in, according to the incriminator’s statement, the defendant was the only one to force the car lock, even though there were other men taking part in the incident.

The judge rejected these claims and ordered detention till the end of the proceedings.


Ta’ir Mahmoud – ID 853388940

Defense: Atty. Abdullah Mrar


As expected, a plea bargain is already in place. We were unable to hear or figure out what the charge was. The protocol of the hearing had already been handed to the defendant. A detention until the end of proceedings has been decreed, but the procedure should be short.


Nur Al Din Harpush – ID 404303910

Muhammad Barijit – ID 854108586

Defense: Atty. Ibrahim Nubani


Both are accused of throwing rocks. Remand extension until the end of proceedings.


Saed Abu Baha – ID 900729617

Defense: Atty. Ahmad Safiya


Saed Baha is accused of membership and activity in an unlawful organization, Hamas in this case.

While the court was busy with other matters, the defendant spoke with his father who was present in court. We learned that he is in charge of education at some institute and is accused of using his authority to direct (or recruit) the kids to Hamas.

The hearing was postponed to a later date because the court was out to lunch.