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Nina S. (reporting), Dina A.

06:00 Habla
The soliders arrive at first light.
06:15  The first passers exit the CP
06:30  Around 40 people have passed.  No queue, passage is now immediate.


The night guard from the nurseries arrives with his donkey, on his way home, to sleep.
An agent from the Ministry of Agriculture arrives.  The Palestinians say that he is the one who denied passage to the sheep, and harrasses the greemgrocer at the nursery. He gives instructions to the soldiers.

The sheep are still denied passage, but rumors say this will be resoved within days.  Meanwhile the motherless lambs were transferred by vehicle to the West Bank.
Towards 7am many people arrive, causing a long queue.

A. from the nursery says there are problems with renewing licenses for 2016 (work permits here are issued for one year).  He claims that the holdup was caused by the discovery that one DCO officer issued permits to unqualified women. Now these older women have been summoned to the GSS and held there.  Some 10-12 women, for over 10 days. They are charged with using fake permits, althought the permits are not fake. It is the officer who issued them who is to blame.
Jamal, the night guard and owner of the sheep, arrives.  He passes with a single sheep in his cart.

07:50  Izbet Salman CP
The soldiers arrive, and immediately ask us to move our car from right to left.  Why?  Because.  How can they establish who's the boss?
There are quite a few pedestrians who must walk for miles to their fields, and probably to the CP as well, from the villages Izbet Salman, Beit Amin, and Azun Atme, all miles away.

The passers are checked at the gate, and then read out their IDs to the soldiers, who enters them into the smartphone.

08:15  The gate closes, all have passed.

On our way home we see more soldiers, stopping pedestrians walking to their fields.  The soldiers said there was an opening cut into the fence, and they are searching for "illegals", whose expected fate is unknown.