'Awarta, Beit Furik, Huwwara, Shomron Crossing, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Esti V., Navah A., Translator: Judith Green


There is some news:  according to the soldiers at the checkpoint, on rainy days the gate next to the section of the fence 1474 will be open.


07:55  Oranit

Gate 1447/1448 is not yet open.  A few minutes later, a vehicle arrives, probably belonging to the DCO and the officer said that there were problems at the previous gate (Habla).  A large group of workers arrived late and the soldiers were delayed.



​The soldiers arrived.  They were delayed for the opening of the gate until the laptop would start working.  In the end, the groups  of five began to go through.  This is the harvest season for herbs and so there are more women in the line.


One Palestinian went through on an electric bike.  They told us that he was the only one who had received a permit.


One of the soldiers says that  according to a request from the Palestinians, it was agreed that on rainy days the upper gate would be opened, next to the section of the fence 1475-1473.


There was some disagreement among the soldiers.  One said that 2 gatesinfo-icon would open, one after the other, and the second one said he thought only the upper gate would be opened.  Needs clarification.


08:35  The last truck did not get a permit to go through and was forced to return to the village.  The soldiers said that it did not have a permit to transport vegetables(!)


Shomron Gate:  traffic is flowing


09:10​ Za'atra/Tapuah:  the booths are not manned and the traffic is flowing.  On the side of the road leading to Ramallah a new fence can be seen, probably to guard the hitch-hiking station.  At the hitch-hiking station on the way to Huwarra - a soldier guards each settler.


At the entrance to Beita a guard tower is being built and cement barriers have been placed to protect the soldiers.

In the town of Huwarra  road-work is being carried out.  They are digging and expanding.


Yizhar/Burin:  no military activity

At the junction opposite the army camp there are 2 soldiers behind the barriers.


Awarta:  In the direction of Nablus, as usual, the yellow arm is blocking the way;  in the direction of the village and the DCO, the road is open.


On the "Madison" route there is no military activity, also nothing opposite Itamar.


09:30, Bet Furik:  The checkpoint tower is manned.  No soldiers on the road.


09:35, Huwarra checkpoint: the checkpoint is not manned.  There is a soldier in the tower.  The soldiers pass from the hitch-hiking station back to the cement barriers.


09:50,Za'atra/Tapuah.  Manned.  An arrow directs the Palestinian vehicles to the closer lane and the inspection stations.  No delay in the traffic.


Shomron Gate:  traffic is flowing.