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Natali C. Tsipi A., Naomi B. (reporting and pictures)



Following the Duma tragedy: a poster at the high school, in memory of Riham, the mother of the burnt family, who was a beloved and respected teacher. Villagers go over and over the details of the tragedy, raise conjectures, spread rumors.  More is hidden than revealed.  The message  – loss of hope for peace.

Riham Dawabsha  Duma

Photo:  The poster on the wall of the school in Jurish.


09:45  Leave train station at Rosh ha-Ayin.


10:15 Tapuah junction

A police car parked at entrance to junction.  2 armed soldiers at bus station.

On the way to Jurish: the entrance to Akraba still blocked by rocks and pile of sand.  Settlement Migdalim is already surrounded by caravans, a considerable addition compared to a month ago. In Kursa, normal pace.


10:45 Jurish

A few days ago there was a ceremony naming the high school after Riham Dawabshe.

A new poster at the school with her name includes “martyr.” The schoolyard is empty. We don’t enter as we know from experience that school staff is not allowed to give information to strangers.


We move towards Duma. Nadim’s car is stalled by an obstacle .We reach Duma with an almost empty oil tank. We aim for the house of the man who had suffered a work accident in Jerusalem.  Thanks to efforts by Machsomwatch he received the National Insurance money that he was due. At this house we were received by his wife, a member of the council responsible for women’s rights. She tells us proudly of the workshop in which 70 women have participated, including representatives from Gaza.  Similar workshops have also been held in Nablus and Bethlehem. She is a real suffragette, knowing how to stand up for her rights from an early age, which included, among others, the right to inherit alongside her brother.


It is getting late and the car is still being repaired.  We go on foot to the council building.  From the deputy mayor A. and our young informant Z. we get the impression that the atmosphere in the village is still as desparate as immediately after the tragedy. As to be expected there are lots of rumors about events on the night of the fire and afterwards.  People don’t believe the words of the Security Services that only one person was involved. ”How could the same person who burnt the house (and part of the neighboring house) also write on the walls of the other houses without being discovered? He must have had at least one partner,” says Ali, who was present at the re-enactment of the event.


The young man says, “I was such a believer in the hope for peace.  Now I don’t have hope.”


At last the car is – temporarily – fixed and we set off home.  We postpone our visit to Jalud till next time.

13:15 We leave Duma.  At Tapuah junction 3 soldiers were added.  At Ariel junction, two more seen on way to Route 5. No military vehicles were in sight.


13:45 Return to Rosh Ha-Ayin.