A-Tur, Jerusalem

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Amit Leshem, Avital Toch (reporting)
A-Tur  Jerusalem

A cold winter day with blistering winter winds on the Jerusalem watershed.  From one side of the road one can see westward as far as the coastal strip and the sea. On the other side one can see the hills of Edom and the Jordanian Kingdom.  But on this cold wet and foggy day, on the main street of A-tur chaos reigns.  Children of all ages, young, very young, older, are leaving school, coming and going in every direction and from every direction.  Cars and buses collect them, and with the addition of ambulances to Modassad Hospital, it is very difficult to find parking.

To add to the confusion, two border-police vans, and opposite them, a group of border-policemen, armed to the teeth, crowd the sidewalk, obstructing the students' exit.  (Small wonder their presence contributes to the present atmosphere of antagonism.)

First, they parked near the exit from the large boys' school; then they moved on to the next intersection -- the turn to Sheikh Jerach, heavy with traffic. In addition, a white jeep is patrolling the length of the street, back and forth.  Only when the children have scattered to their destinations does the policing disappear, and tranquillity slowly returns.