Ofer - Release on Bail, Stone Throwing

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Norah Orlow (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


The hearing I came to observe did not take place. Instead I walked into Justice Major Meir Vigiser’s court ,where I attend the hearing of

Ibrahim Muhammad Abed al-Razak Abu Srur, ID 854140365 – Case 6962/14.

from Aida refugee camp.

(see previous report)

He was represented by Atty. Muhammad Shaheen.


Abu Srur has been held at Ofer for three months. He is accused of throwing rocks and does not admit his guilt. He claims he was at work when the incident happened. Presumably he was arrested as a result of incrimination. The judge requests the police statement for the next hearing, which is set for 15.2.15.


Judge: Major Rani Aamar

Prosecutor: Captain Adi Yakobi

Defense: Atty. Nasser Nubani


Wassim Nadal Suleiman Assaid – ID 850474669


Prosecutor: The charges agains Assaid are: membership and aiding and abetting a military outfit called “Al Majmua” which follows the principles of “Salafiya Jihadia,” an organization whose goal is to fight against Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Assaid is also suspected of trading in combat materiel.

The charges are based on statements of five incriminators.

The prosecution requests an 8-day remand extension to complete the indictment.

The defense has a few questions: The suspect was detained by the PA for 18 months. What risk does he pose? Where are the incriminators? When is the violation supposed to have taken place?

Judge’s decision: remand extension by 7 days.


In justice Vigiser’s court a concluding session was supposed to take place in the case of

Muhammad Walid Muhammad Al-Azza, ID 852829324 - Case 3751/13

He is a photographer from Aida Refugee Camp who was shot in the face by a soldier. (See earlier report)

Since his attorney did not show up, the judge had to postpone the hearing to 8.3.15 at 13:30.


Judge: Major Rani Aamar

Prosecutor: Captain Dvir Wiesel

Defense: Atty. Nery Ramati

A remand hearing of four young men from Sussya region (in South Hebron Mt.) was supposed to take place today, but it turned out that someone forgot to bring them to court. Only one eventually was brought in after a long wait.

The four suspects were arrested on 24.1.14 in their village, when they took part, with a hundred more, in planting olive trees. They left home at 8 AM not knowing that the army had earlier that day issued an injunction declaring the area a military zone. When the soldiers came to chase them away, the four refused to leave and confronted the soldiers, who then arrested them.

The one who showed up was a minor (17), so I cannot give details.

He is suspected of using violence against soldiers and of violating the ‘closed area injunction’. In addition he is charged with “fleeing for fear of the law,” as the prosecutor phrased it.

The prosecutor requested 4 days to complete the indictment and remand extension until the conclusion of the legal proceeding.

The defense reminded the judge that if the investigation was over, the defendants were supposed to be brought to court within 96 hours, which was not done.

He added that pushing a soldier or a policeman does not warrant detention. He cited a precedent by Justice Atzmon saying that a demonstrator pushing a soldier/policeman should not be detained for more than 24 hours. In this case the incident began quietly when the protesters wanted to plant olive trees on private Palestinian land. There was no other side, so it is not clear why the protesters had to be dispersed.

Nery Ramati showed a video documenting the incident and asked for an alternative to detention for the minor, whose father was in court and could vouch for him.

Judge’s decision: The defense cited precedents where defendants (suspects) with comparable charges were released. Since the case involved no violence and no risk, and the minor has a clean record, the defendant was released on bail: 5000 shekels deposit plus third party guarantee for 5000 shekels posted by someone with an Israeli ID card.

Atty. Ramati appealed the steep sum the same day, and the minor and the other suspects were released against a deposit of 2500 shekel each.