Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Shooting, Remand Extension

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Hagit Shlonsky, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Translation: Tirza Sandbank


Remand extensions in Military Court


Judge: Lieut.-Colonel Menahem Lieberman

Police investigator: Rabiya

Defense: Auda Zbeidi, Maamoun Hashim, Firas Sabah, Judd Kadmani


There are 3 cases in the docket: one of a detainee barred from meeting with an attorney.


Zakariya Ibrahim Salah Beduan – ID 946047289

Resident of the village Bidu.

He has been detained since 8.2.2015 and this is his fourth remand.

Defense: Judd Kadmani and Maamoun Hashim


The police investigator requests 11 additional days of detention.

From the answers of the investigator to the questions asked by the defense we learn that there have been new developments in the investigation. The investigator refers to the confidential file which contains information about the involvement of additional suspects.


Defense’s summation:

We object to 11 additional days of remand extension.

My client gave a police statement, and the police has to show new developments which justify the continuation of the investigation.

The Defense requests that his Honor exercise suitable judgment in the matter.


Judge's summation:

the police requests additional 11 days.

The detainee is suspected of actions against the security in the region and of shooting incidents. These are serious allegations which point at his being dangerous.  So far, there have been developments in the investigation: the police and others involved in the investigation have discovered evidence against the suspect, and therefore the remand should be extended.

At the same time, according to Judge Lieberman, the investigation is nearing a close and therefore he agrees to an extension of eight days only.


Haytem Madhat Yussef Hamidan – ID 854812118

Detained since 12.2.2015

Defense: Firas Sabah


The detainee has not been allowed to meet with an attorney.  The police investigator requests 15 more days for purposes of investigation.

Suspicions against the detainee: activity against the security in the region

The defense learns from the answers of the investigator to his questions that there is considerable development in the investigation.  The detainee connects himself to several of the suspicions against him. On 18.2.15 he gave a police statement, and this morning (2.3.15) there was considerable progress in the investigation.

During the hearing in the court hall, various investigators went in and out with papers, and carried on private conversations with the investigator.

As this is a case of a detainee barred of meeting with his attorney.  and as we, the observers, have presented Judge Lieberman several times with the preliminary injunction of High Court of Justicewhich recommends the participation of a civilian in all parts of a hearing, and since we know that he is opposed to our presence at this stage of the hearing, we left, together with the defense attorneys, while the suspect was brought into the court.


Issa Ahmad Jabril Odeh – ID 853934305

From the village Deir Umar

Detained since 23.2.2015

Suspected of throwing objects (rocks)

Defense: Auda Zbeidi


The defense attorney wants to know whether the investigators added a document which she has required to add to the file of the suspect. "Yes, it was added", replies the investigator after checking.  The judge acknowledges this. Concerning the development of the investigation: the suspect made a statement connecting himself to the suspicions against him.

The defense asks if the suspect is to be questioned about further suspicions which have not been mentioned until now. "Yes", answers the investigator.


Defense’s summation

Last week certain actions were taken which led to developments in the investigation. The detainee gave a statement to the police.

Then they began to question him about who he knows in the village, where he lives, and whether he knows to which organization his acquaintances belong.  Auda Zbeidi claims that these questions, which have no bearing on the suspicions which led to his detainment, have no relevance to the investigation of the suspect and are therefore unsuitable.  Zbeidi asks that the investigation concentrate on the original suspicions and not on further suspicions which are connected to involvement of other people. She further asks why the detainee was not questioned about these new issues during the course of the investigation itself.


Judge Lieberman’s summation

The suspect was detained and interrogated. There is real progress in the investigation. He has connected himself to the suspicions.

The request of the investigator is reasonable in view of the suspicions.

The police is granted a further eight days in order to continue the investigation.