Ofer - Plea Bargain, Sentence

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Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


morning and afternoon


The yard is full of people -  on Mondays traffic trials take place here – but I immediately recognize friends from Beit Ummar. Ahmad Abu Hashem came for the hearing of two of his sons: Muhammad and H. Since H. is a minor, I cannot report on his case, but you can read about the boy in Gidon Levy’s article in Haaretz from 13.3.15.

I also saw family members of Zein Abu Maria and Anas Aadi.

Abu Hashem told me that more than 160 Palestinians from Beit Ummar are detained in military jails, 60 of them are minors.

Shosh Kahn (Women for Women Prisoners) and I came for a hearing of a girl (a minor), but all I can report is that the next hearing was set for 25.3.15.

We shall follow up.

Abu Hashem told me of nightly raids, of the routine of slashing sacks of rice and spilling their content and that of oil cans on clothes and furniture. After so many years of protest – land stolen and given to nearby settlements, many incarcerations -  there is still an expression of surprise and hurt on his face when he tells me this.

The same expression I see on the face of a Palestinian woman who tells me of her young son who’s in jail. She asks: how can you put children in jail? I tell her this is the occupation. An elderly Palestinian man tells me angrily: It’s good of you to be here, but you don’t do anything against the occupation!

What can I say?

In an earlier report I reported on Louai Tarawa, released on bail by Justice Keidar, who also opined that more work permits should be issued to Palestinians. The prosecution decided to appeal the decision. I waited for the appeal hearing but then Tarawa was suddenly transferred to another court.


Judge: Lieut.- Col. Azriel Levi (res.)

Prosecuter: Lieut. Yaron Kaner

Defense: Atty. Ranel Merar

Detainee: Louai Jouad Muhammad Tarawa, ID 401707914 - Case 2080/15


It turns out that the prosecution rescinded the appeal and there is a plea bargain: 31 days in prison starting with the day of arrest, one month suspended sentence for a year, plus 1000-shekel fine or one month in prison.


Mander Rada Muhammad Hamed Hamdiya, ID 949802698 - Case 2149/15

Defense: Atty. Akram Samara


The detainee has an eye injury (as a result of a car accident before his arrest) which requires him to wear sunglasses. There are 4 or 5 decisions regarding these sunglasses, all to no effect, since the GSS rules maintain that sunglasses can be used as keys or for stabbing. The most impressive argument, however, was that the defendant is kept in a sunless place anyway…

The judge was angry and pointed out that a GSS doctor had twice suggested an alternative solution, but it had not been brought before this court.

The judge extended the remand by only two days. Had it not been for the allegation and for his past record, the judge would have released the detainee on the spot.


Abu Hashem requested that his sons’ hearing would take place on the same day.

The hearing was set for 30.3.15.