Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Remand Extension, Barred (from meeting with attorney)

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Judge: Lieut. Col. Shmuel Keidar

Police Investigator” Ziad Aktish

Defense: Ma’amoun Hashim, Judd Kadamani, Firas Sabah


In today’s session there was a typists but no interpreter to translate the proceedings and the judge’s decision. In Bargouti’s hearing Atty. Kadmani served as interpreter.


Four cases were of detaineesinfo-icon barred from seeing counsel, which means all present have to leave the courtroom, only the detainee, the investigator and the judge remain.

We assume the investigator served as interpreter. Is this acceptable? We are not sure.

We attended some of the hearings. We were delayed at the entrance because there were many visitors – youth counsellors.


Anad Muhammad Bargouti – ID 910527062

Defense: Firas Sabah

The detainee was arrested last Friday, but the interrogators (observant Jews?) did not see him until Saturday night.

This is the first remand extension, and the charge is “activity threatening security in the region”.

We did not attend the exchange between the investigator and the defense.

The judge’s decision: “I examined the secret file and found 8 issues the investigators want to address during the proposed detention. Based on the report there are grounds for extended detention. We need to get to the truth of the matter.”

Remand extension by 11 days.


Anas Ahmad Yussuf Mashal – ID 911560787

Barred from seeing counsel. Defense attorney: Firas Sabah.

The investigator requests 15 additional days to conclude the investigation.

The defense asks: What is he suspected of?

Investigator: It is in the secret file.

Defense: What is the charge?

Investigator: Same as Bargouti. (They must be implicated in the same incident).

Firas asks (after introducing small changes) to transfer to him the protocol of Bargouti’s case. The cases are connected.


We all left the court. The detainee, blindfolded, handcuffed and shackled  - was usual – is brought in, to face the judge and the investigator.


Muhammad Mahmoud Hassan Abu Tir – ID 080393820

He is a member of the Palestinian parliament.

He is represented by Atty. Firas Sabah.

Abu Tir was arrested on 28.1.16.

The investigator requests 15-day remand extension.

As for the charges, he directs the judge to the secret file.

Firas’s summation: This is a second remand. Since his arrest he has been barred from seeing an attorney. My colleague’s reply does not allow me to determine if the injunction is justified. It is not clear that there is progress in the investigation and why the suspect is under Shabak investigation or if he gave a statement to the police.”

The defense asks the judge to find out (when facing the other side without the attorney) if the detainee links himself to the charges and if there are others involved, who have perhaps incriminated him.

The detainee is 66 years old and suffers under the conditions of the interrogation.

The judge – apparently taking into consideration the detainee’s age – extends the remand by 8 days.


Rajeb Aataf Rajeb Amatir – ID 850030961

Detained since 21.1.16

The investigator requests 15-day remand extension.

The charges are in a secret file.

From Firas’s questions we gather that there is progress in the investigation. The explanations are in the secret file. The detainee gave a statement to the police.

As for the question: has he linked himself to the suspicions? the investigator points to the secret file.

We learn also that the detainee has been interrogated by the Shabak [GSS] 20 times – not consecutively, but for many hours. Correction, the defense says: he was interrogated 20 times during very few days; thus, he was interrogated for long hours!

The defense asks, When was he last interrogated? – Last night between nine and midnight. “He did not have much sleep,” comments the judge.

The investigation includes 12 more segments and the interrogations are dynamics, says the investigator.

Defense’s summation: the defense objects to the remand request. These are harsh interrogations taking long hours. He has already been interrogated 20 times in 9 days! Without rest or respite. The suspect is cooperating, linking himself to the charges. This indicates progress and calls for shorter investigation.


We did not receive information on the number of days the judge ordered.