'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), יום ד' 17.10.07, אחה"צ

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Tammi C, Daliah G. Translator: Orna B



14:50 Jubara

At the big check post - no queues. Few cars are going through without delays. At the children's gate there are no delays either, and no detaineesinfo-icon.


15:00 A-ras

At the exit from Tulkarm - a queue of about 8 cars, but traffic is flowing. The inspection is limited to the driver's papers. At the checkpost overlooking the entire road block  from above - an armed soldier . He tries to chase us away with "you are disturbing our work". In contrast the checkpoint commander - Sergeant Oren Cohen tells him to leave it be.... he greets us warmly. A pleasant conversation between him and Tammi on the origins of the different Cohen families.We said our goodbyes in a friendly manner.


15:30 Anabta

We stopped at the cabs' parking lot, from where they had tried to chase us away a few days ago, but where Tammi succeeded to avert this decree. A cab driver standing by his cab asks us - who is Tammi? Tammi identified herself. Next to him stood an Israeli cab driver. Both showered Tammi with thanks.


We carried on to the checkpoint itself. Flowing traffic in both directions. The entrance to Anabta (and Tulkarm) is not checked. At the exit - random inspections. Israeli Arabs are allowed in to Anabta , but Israeli Jews are not.The road block commander (a Colonel) checks on the cleanliness, A soldier sweeps up. Relaxed atmosphere. We leave for Beit Iba.