Reihan, Shaked, יום ד' 31.10.07, בוקר

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Shaked, Rihan

08:30 Shaked (Tura) Checkpoint

Individuals crossing without problems.

08:30 Rihan (Bartaa) Checkpoint

Two cars waiting to pass in the direction of the West Bank, and a few people going the same way.
In the Palestinian parking lot seven vehicles with agricultural produce. From this morning only four pick up trucks have crossed. According to the drivers, they have been waiting since the early hours of the morning.
At the east entry to the terminal, whoever comes goes straight in.
At 08:40 the checkpoint is closed by the yellow (central) iron gate because of suspicion about a certain vehicle.

All the workers left the area of the vehicle checkpoint hastily as panic begins. The driver of the suspect vehicle is arrested, and the checkpoint does not function for 40 minutes. The traffic jam gets worse and all are waiting for the police and army to come and resolve the problem. The head of Bartaa Council comes to see what is happening. The taxi drivers are clustered tensely by the gate.

At 09:20 everything calms down, the checkpoint opens and work proceeds at great speed because there are already a lot of pick ups and cars. I do not know what was behind all this.

09:40  I leave.