'Anabta, Irtah, Jubara (Kafriat), Sun 4.11.07, Morning

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Neomi K., Orna P. Translation: Galia S.

Eyal, Jubara, Anabta, Sunday, November 4, 2007, p.m.


Eyal Passage


07:10 – The last workers have passed and the prisoners' visitors are starting to move onwards. According to one of the workers, the passage opened at 04:15 without any special delays.


The checkpoint commander, a sergeant of the military police, tries, as usual, to prevent our entry into the checkpoint area.


When we come out, one of the soldiers asks to talk to us in order to understand the idea behind our activity.




07:30 – A complete stoppage of traffic. The gate to the ground next to the passage hall is locked. The workers at the site say that one of the workers has been allowed to pass by mistake, and now they are trying to locate him on the ground. In the meantime, everything is locked and the workers can neither enter nor go out. Fifteen minutes later the site opens. We have no idea if they located the person they were looking for.




08:00 – Some young "illegals" [in Israel without a residence permit], who have probably returned from work in Israel, are sitting and waiting near the passage. Their ID cards are checked and they are released.




08:15 – In both directions there is no congestion.


09:30 – There is a "rolling" roadblock near Azzun [unannounced, mobile roadblock].