Reihan, Shaked, Sat 10.11.07, Morning

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Shula N., Noa L. (reporting)
Shaked CP 0730-0800
Lively traffic in both directions, cars and pedestrians. The passage is quick.
A resident of A'anin asks us to help him get a permit for going through to his land.  He has received a permit only for a week, and on it there is a stamp saying: "Valid despite the fact that he is forbidden passage." We will send details about him to the staff that deals with "those forbidden passage".

Reihan CP: 0810-0930
Here, too, the traffic is lively. In the terminal building two windows are open. There is nobody waiting outside, but according to the people leaving, there are many people inside. It takes about half an hour to go through.
One man tries to go through with his two little children. They are listed as Israelis on the mother's blue ID card; just now she is visiting her family in the occupied territories. The father, a resident of East Barta'a, has a Palestinian ID card and a permit of passage, but the children are not listed in his card. The father and the children want to join the mother in the territories, but they are not allowed to go through. He has the birth certificates of both children and a marriage certificate - but they are of no help. We telephoned the DCO and were told that as long as the children are not listed on the father's ID card, he will not be able to take them through and the mother has to come and take them.

We also met a father of five, who worked in Israel until recently. He had a permit of passage with the name of his Israeli employer; he paid the whole sum of NIS 1100 (??!!) to the Labor Office, and now they are not renewing his permit. We wrote down the details in order to find out about this matter.

A Bedoui who lives near Hermesh, near the road, was required to show a permit to go through the Dothan CP in order to leave his home and in order to return there. The soldiers sent him to the DCO, but there they told him:
"Why do you need a permit all of a sudden; the soldiers are nuts!" We wrote down the details to find out about this matter too.

Trays of eggs are piled up in the shed waiting to go through tomorrow.

In the vehicle CP the inspection is very slow, at least half an hour for a group of four vehicles, not counting the waiting time. We saw that a Palestinian vehicle on its way to the West Bank also had to go through a very careful inspection.