Beit Iba, Jit, Mon 15.10.07, Afternoon

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Elisheva A, Yona A,

The end of the holidays (Eid al-Fitr). Few dressed up families are crossing both ways.

Car traffic is slow but the cars are being searched thoroughly.

Beit Iba
15:10- A guy from Hebron is stopping us to say that his brother had been detained and is kept in the locked-up area. Apparently the boy was stopped as they were making their way back from a family visit in Tulkarm because he didn't have an ID card. He wanted his brother to be released so they can turn back to Hebron rather then continuing as was initially planned to Nablus.

The soldiers guided by their commander are refusing to speak to us.

Elisheva is calling the Humanitarian center and give the case's details to Adina who is promising to follow it up.

The check point commander is sending another teenager to the locked up area and takes away his DVD player. The soldiers are checking the appliance from all sides. The commander is placing it on the floor in a locked cell.

We contact the District Coordination Office (DCO) in regards to the two detaineesinfo-icon. They tell us that the first boy was detained because his family was signaling to him to avoid the soldiers check-up as they were crossing the Nablus check point.

Adina from the Humanitarian center is calling to confirm that he can be detained for up to 3 hours.

The second boy was being checked and his DVD placed away to prevent the soldiers messing with it and to prevent potential damage should it explode.

15:40 the officer is returning from the cars check- point and returns the DVD to its rightful owner and releases him.

16:00 the guy fro Hebron is worried that his brother is going to be arrested. There were some talks about calling the police. He is relieved to learn that his brother is only detained. We write down his Tel number to follow up on the case and leave Beit-Iba.

We make several calls to the Humanitarian center to try and speed up his release but with no success. He is eventually released at 16:00.

16:10 In Jit junction on the road leading west to the village we spot a check point.

On the hills surrounding Kumis we spot young people with back packs on. We notice a big sign announcing the new settlement-"shvoot-Ami".Two police cars and a hammer are there. The policemen and soldiers are standing talking.

16:30 3 kilometers before the Inn on the road south east there is a check point. Soldiers with a jeep and a Hammer are checking Palestinians.