Reihan, Shaked, Tue 20.11.07, Morning

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Chana H, Yocheved G

06:00 - 08:40

06:00 Reihan Checkpoint

Rihan opened at 05:30. Again the seamstresses complain that all were put into an inspection room (as were a few men). Transit takes roughly half an hour, and in winter there is a serious problem of roofing by the gate and along the walkway. People come early in order to get a place in line, are crowded by the gate – it is raining and cold...

07:00 Shaked Checkpoint

Opened on time. On the other side of the checkpoint some 15 people are waiting. From the Seam Zone, the schoolchildren cross quickly.
07:15 – the checking room opens and people begin to pass from the West Bank to the Seam Zone. Again the problem of the opening hour. There are teachers who have to get from Tura (in the West Bank) to Um Rihan (in the Seam Zone), and don’t get to school on time. There is also a problem for students returning after the weekend to Nablus, who lose morning lessons because the checkpoint only opens at 07:00. (A new red building –toilets – has opened at the checkpoint).

07:30 Reihan Checkpoint

The first three vehicles are still at the checkpoint, and they only exit at 08:00.
Seven pick ups with eggs and other produce are waiting because only private cars are passing now. Only at 08:30 are vegetables, eggs brought in for inspection.
Repeated complaints about Dotan Checkpoint. Today, Palestinians who did not have a permit for Rihan were delayed, even if they did not want to pass that checkpoint. Why is there no free traffic within the territory, they ask? It is their home, isn’t it?
In the Palestinian parking ten more vehicles are added with produce, and eight private cars waiting for "ordinary" transit.
08:40 – when the second round of vehicles entered for inspection, we left. Rain... rain... rain...